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Who We Are

Reggae Force is the quintessential reggae band of the 21st century, blending classic roots reggae sound and message with a contemporary edge. Formed in 2011 by four seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience playing with some of Jamaica’s most legendary reggae artists, Reggae Force has carved out a unique and authentic sound that pays homage to the greats who came before them.

With three singles already under their belt, Reggae Force is set to release their debut album, “Tune In,” in spring 2023. The album, which features deep grooves and powerful messages, continues the legacy of Bob Marley’s mission to “free the people with music.”

Don’t miss out on Reggae Force’s upcoming single, “The Game is Over,” set to hit the airwaves on January 24th. Whether you’re a die-hard reggae fan or new to the genre, Reggae Force is the roots reggae band of this era that you won’t want to miss.

Band Members

Junior Jazz

Vocals & Guitar & Trombone

Aston Barrett Jr.

Drums & Background Vocals

Alaina Reed


Peter (Sprangy) Williamson

Keyboards & Background Vocals